Mistakes to avoid when writing your Job Advert!

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In today’s job market, it is not just the candidate that has to catch the employer’s eye, but the employer who has to ensure that their job advertisement is seen by the right candidate.

The candidate nowadays has so much choice available when looking for a job and they may inadvertently miss out on seeing your job advertisement which makes it all the more important for you, the employer, to make sure that you avoid making the following mistakes:

Do not use unconventional job titles

Weird job titles can sound cliché and passé. An employer should use specific job titles and refrain from using terms like “Super Hero” unless they are actually recruiting for somebody in fancy dress to uphold the law!

Do not just list the usual benefits or leave out salary information

Healthcare plans and monthly pay are important, but by advertising the small perks and the occasional treats that your employees get is an excellent way of showing that you offer a fun place to work where you really do value your staff. Candidates are also more likely to apply to your job advertisement if you give out salary details or at least a salary range. Even using terms such as “salary negotiable” or “competitive pay” will give you better results than not listing anything at all.

Do not write out the entire job description in one long paragraph

Most candidates skim read through job advertisements and do not usually read the entire job description. It is important to present your job advertisement in a format that makes it easy for the candidate to get an idea of what you are recruiting for and one big block of text is not the best way to do it. Always state clearly all the necessary details such as contact information and any clearances if they are required. Be sure to proofread your job description before posting it. If your job advertisement has spelling mistakes or inaccuracies then that can undermine your own credibility as an employer.

Do not go crazy with keywords

Keywords are important, but not at the expense of the message. Just as an employer is unlikely to take a CV seriously that is filled with paragraphs of keywords, candidates are also unlikely to take an employer seriously if most of their job description consists of keywords and phrases.

Do not keep tight deadlines when posting jobs

Plan your recruitment in advance and try to keep the job advertisement open for a few weeks to ensure that you get the right amount of candidates applying. At a minimum, your job advertisement should be online for at least one week to get a good response. If your job advertisement is online for just a few business days, then you will be limiting yourself to a very small pool of candidates whose main quality would be that they were the first ones to see the advertisement!

Hope this article helps when writing your next Job Advert!

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