Payroll Services

Payroll made easy!

We offer a full professional, affordable, hassle free payroll service to companies of varying sizes, whether it’s 1 employee or 1,000.

When it comes to payroll, even the very best minds in business struggle to keep up-to-date with the latest legislation.  If you are overwhelmed by your payroll duties, do not fear! We are here to save you time and money so that you can focus on the running of your business.

Our payroll service guarantees compliance with payroll and pension legislation along with all statutory requirements freeing you from the hassle of having to deal with HMRC.

With over 30 years’ recruitment experience, we provide a friendly, efficient and professional service ensuring your employees get paid correctly and on time.


  • A highly experienced team
  • PAYE registration
  • All statutory requirements and legislation regulations including (PAYE, NICs, SSP, SMP, SAP, Shared Parental Pay/Leave, Student Loans and Apprenticeship Levy)
  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual payroll
  • Bonus, commission and overtime payments
  • Auto-enrolment set up and processing to put your qualifying staff into a workplace pension scheme
  • RTI monthly submissions, end of year employee P60’s and P11d’s
  • E-Payslips or Security payslips - guaranteed secrecy with password access at employer and employee levels
  • Termination payments including redundancy
  • Verification of CIS subcontractors
  • Certificates of tax deducted from CIS subcontractors
  • Recovery of CIS suffered by deduction from income


  • Provide payslips
  • Produce and process P46’s
  • Issue P45’s
  • Submit year end reports (P60’s)
  • Submit RTI’s


  • You email the pay details for your staff to us
  • We process your payroll, produce payslips, reports and summaries
  • We prepare and submit the RTI reports for HMRC every pay period
  • We send you a report detailing your tax and NI liability when it is due.


  • One-off initial set up fee of £100+VAT (includes the first year's payroll administration costs of £50+VAT)
  • Annual Payroll Administration fee £50+VAT
  • £5.00+VAT per payslip
  • No minimum monthly charge
  • No hidden charges
  • No termination fee


Any business that has employees will need to run a payroll and submit RTI (Real Time Information) returns to HMRC on each and every pay day. Unfortunately, penalties for missed RTI returns are payable to HMRC and any underpaid tax and NI due will also accrue interest. It is essential that you have a good payroll provider in place to avoid costly penalties and to ensure a smooth process when paying your employees.

Outsourcing your payroll to us will save you time and money and give you peace of mind, knowing that your staff will be paid on time. Our service is so comprehensive that you will not have to deal with the hassles and headaches of payroll and can concentrate on what you do best -  running your business.


Should you require any assistance or further information please call us on 01202 283012 / 07796 981999 or send us an EMAIL


Are you paying yourself and your staff the correct salary?

Expert HR Solutions can help! 

They offer a Job Evaluation Tool which provides a consistent, logical and defensible mechanism for establishing and maintaining:

  • The pecking order of jobs internally
  • The value of jobs relative to the external pay market
  • A tailored grading structure

Designed to encompass jobs from Chief Executive to shop floor, this 10 factor, points based, analytical system is operated by organisations of all sizes.

Expert HR Solutions Salary Benchmarking database contains approximately 250,000 jobs across most sectors.  The report generated allows the organisation to benchmark salary and benefits providing a report for each role by sector, grade of the role, region, county and in some instances town.  The report will show salary for the appropriate number of employees and turnover of the organisation within Lower Decile, Lower Quartile, Median, Upper Quartile and Upper Decile.

To find out more contact Chris Wilkinson of Expert HR Solutions by telephone 01202 611033, EMAIL or visit their website at